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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams...

My Story

I’m Sai Kranthi, a 24-year-old full stack developer who works with JavaScript, React, Node, GraphQL, and any other modern web technology daily! Exploring new things and tackling with real life problems is what I love the most. I also love to share programming goodness with the community.
I First began my journey into Computer Science when I was 15 y/o when I came across a group in Facebook which was related to C/C++ Programming.
From there, I understood the essence of self learning and ended up teaching myself many frontend and backend technologies.
I started to like Frontend part more and the challenges out there to create Scalable and sophesticated UI.
At last I want to say thanks. For all of these I should be especially grateful for all the people that have been accompanying me along the way.

Frontend Engineer - Tartan

Founding Frontend Engineer, Solved complex UI problems and established Frontend Architecture of Several products including AWS CI/CD.

Senior UI Engineer - Dhan AI

Worked on producing meaningful software using primarily ReactJS Redux and other exciting technologies everyday. Solved complex architecture problems using mono repos based on yarn v2(berry)


Coded and fixed websites using HTML/CSS JS PHP/React and applied extensive SEO for better page ranking.
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